RALE tries to overcome “ethics-schmethics” approach of the last BOCC

Envision Frederick County has printed a letter from Michele Rosenfield to County Council President Bud Otis regarding the Monrovia Town Center development. It is well worth reading.

Here’s a short excerpt that explains why it is so important:

This Council faces an extraordinary situation. The Circuit Court has remanded the MTC proceedings based largely upon an established violation of state ethics law – specifically the ex parte laws that are specific to Frederick County and its rezoning proceedings. State law dictates that under such circumstances the Court “shall” remand for reconsideration. The circumstances surrounding that single ex parte contact led the Circuit Court to conclude that my clients’ “strong showing” of “extreme circumstances” warranted remand of the case. My clients call upon the Council to rehear the case in its entirety not only because a violation of the state ethics laws mandates such reconsideration, but because the circumstances of this case are otherwise so egregious that no lesser option is available.

Can we please stop pretending government serves no purpose? Thanks.
Community engagement, FTW!

Tuesday June 9 at 6:00 pm at Winchester Hall there will be a council meeting. The single agenda item pertains to considering the significance of the FACT (Frederick Area Council on Transportation) correspondence regarding the Monrovia Town Center. Another excerpt here highlights the FACT letter:

The Remand Order is only nominally about Commissioner Smith and the FACT letter.The Remand Order is more broadly intended to protect the “process” of judicial review by guaranteeing the soundness of a “record” untainted by procedural irregularities. The Court concluded that at a minimum the record is “tainted” by (1) Commissioner Smith’s conduct in connection with the FACT letter; and (2) the presence of the FACT letter in the MTC record.

This LTE in The Frederick News Post from President of Residents Against Landsdale Expansion Steve McKay provides their perspective on the Monrovia development.

On Tuesday (oops we fixed a typo–not Thursday), or any other time, can find FCG TV here.

If you would like to contact any or all of the County Council Members links to their pages can be found here in the sidebar. They may all be reached together at councilmembers@frederickcountymd.gov.

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