June 2 council meeting drinking game-Pace yourself!

All in good fun! HUZZA!
Drink Responsibly Locals and Yokels Alike!

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is super ambitious. So ambitious that we really recommend that you pace yourself. Please remember that this game is for entertainment purposes. We here at Local Yokel do not want to hear about Billy getting calls because you are passed out in your neighbor’s front yard!

If Kirby makes a fuss over a Budget Transfer throw back a Fireball shot.

If (when) Billy abstains–two bacon vodka shots.

If Billy objects to continued Membership with the Clean Chesapeake Coalition grab a Natty Boh (we heard somewhere that the savvy guys buy ’em with quarters). Don’t forget to put it in a koozie.  

If it comes up that the Grand Canyon is a benefit of erosion, or any other environmental science is twisted around to crazy town, take a drink for each instance.

If Bud decides to align with the Republican council members on this issue, shotgun the beer.

You see a glassy-eyed Scientology follower make yourself a Martini–shaken, not stirred.

Trout Run historic designation is approved-any bottle of liquor in a brown paper bag will do or really go full out and break out your funnel from your college days. If it has a moth ball odor, rinse first.

Trout Run historic designation is denied-champagne all around.

During public comments if some one attempts to link our favorite # council member to Chicken Parts Gate, drink a zombie.

At any rate, play along and the only thing we can guarantee is a full on raging hangover. Plan ahead and have a bloody mary lined up as hair of the dog for tomorrow morning.

You can find FCG TV here airing live at 4:30 pm, or the archives if you need to catch up on the drama in previous episodes.

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