Mood swings with the FNP Opinion Page

Trying to keep up with our feelings about the editorials published lately has been like a Taylor Swift song. Dizzying and emotionally immature. We’re ready to get back together with them now that we’ve read This Bud’s for you, which aligns pretty perfectly with what we’ve got going on up in here.

Can you blame Bud for not wanting to be thrown in with those two when they act like they do, and who haven’t suggested one sensible, rational or measurably meaningful piece of legislation in all their time in office (including four wretched years as county commissioners)?

‘Nuff said.

We would also like to direct attention to an LTE authored by Stephen D. Campen. It is an absolute delight to readcalling for Kirby Delauter’s resignation. What a terrific idea! Coming from a registered Republican, it also seems to bolster support for the idea that Jan and Bud are working together to do what a large part of the county would like to see happen.

By attacking Otis for voting on the issues before him, as opposed to strictly with the Republicans, Delauter has clearly shown he does not care about the entirety of the populace…

Another letter by Carl Donald discusses the should-be-obvious-by-now point that the teachers don’t have a conflict of interest in their dealings with the on the county council.

Some good stuff to chew on in those links.

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