Oh no he didn’t!

It was a tiny little column in yesterday’s FNP, so tiny that you may have missed it. But just as Billy didn’t disappoint in a shorter than usual council meeting, it doesn’t take but a few words to see Billy’s true colors.

In her Political Notes column, Jen Fifield writes that Billy is still planning on abstaining on budget issues. Never mind that pesky NO vote on the actual budget. That was just an anomaly. Why you may be asking yourself? Or huh? Or WTF? We’ll let Billy tell you:

“The problem has not been solved. … It’s like saying the pledge of allegiance to the flag. You never stop doing it,” he said.
Also, he said, he enjoys the media coverage and watching the entire council cringe when he does it.
“They hate it,” he said.

“I pledge allegiance to acting dumb and abstaining from votes on the budget. And to vote with Norquist and local radio hams, to block Jan at every turn and be divisible in every possible way.”

Well there you have it! Good solid reasons! He seems to have thought this out really well. But seriously folks, he’s our AT-LARGE representative? How in Aphrodite’s sweet world did that happen?

Don't blame me I just work here!
Don’t blame me I just work here!

We are going to keep a nice record of all this nonsense so this anomaly does not happen again. Because seriously, this can’t happen again. Who is with us?

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