To zone or not to re-zone, that is the question.

What is the big deal about zoning anyway?

#Kirby Delauter said changing the zoning on the Trout Run property to historical should have been an easy decision.

Why would he make this statement? He gave no indication that he even read the giant stack of documentation provided only an hour before the meeting.

And “Mr. I-won’t-vote-on-anything-until-I-get-more-staff-to-read-for-me” had this to say on the matter:

At the next day’s budget meeting this happened:

We learn Billy Shreve went on the Kojo Nnamdi Show to further the cause for approving the zoning change.

The following information (misinformation?) came from the content of the radio interview:

  • Hoover “thought about using it” as a retreat.
  • Hoover, Eisenhower, Clark Gable stayed there.
  • This will be great for the Frederick area since we have a huge heroin problem (Mike Rosenwald Washington Post).
  • “We want to preserve as many historic properties as possible. If you preserve it, you can do pretty much anything you want with it.” Billy Shreve

I guess that means we shouldn’t worry that the property has terrible septic issues. That seems like something that wouldn’t be important to consider when planning to build a group home.

Billy went on to state that no testimony was provided at the 04/21 Council meeting to dispute that the property is historic and the property meets 3 of the 11 criteria when only 1 is needed.

If Narcanon does not get the zoning changed to historic they will be unable to make the changes to the property that would allow them to open a treatment facility. They spent $5 million to purchase the Trout Run property. This is a pretty important piece of information. Certainly, they want a return on their investment.

Regardless of how Frederick County residents feel about the potential for Alien loving Scientologists opening a treatment facility in our midst, the real question is, “Is this property historic?” Or is that really the only question we should be asking?


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