Let’s take a glimpse at a world in which the book banners win!

A dream world for those who want Idiocracy to become reality.

You’ve probably heard that the Reconsideration Meeting to explore the books that Cindy Rose claims are very harmful to our youth has been postponed. The Frederick News Post filed a complaint against FCPS claiming that the closed meetings violated the law. So, while we wait for a judge to sort all that out, let’s take a peek into a future in which books have to pass the political sniff test.

NPR sponsors a podcast called Planet Money. Last week, this podcast did a story on how picture books can teach young children about a variety of economic concepts. Before this podcast, a list of books was sent to the school district and it was agreed that the books were appropriate for 3rd graders. Well, at least until those 3rd graders had the nerve to connect one story to historical events.

We present the transcript of the incident below:

If we know our readers, and we think we do, most of you are probably crying over your computer or clenching your fists in rage. (Unless you are Cindy Rose who is probably rejoicing at this interaction). What really gets us is even the 9 year olds know what happened is bullshit. How in the world is it appropriate to first, cut off a Dr. Seuss story the kids were enjoying, and secondly make the kids who were making connections to history and the story feel as though they did something wrong? It’s the direct opposite of what should occur in a school. The lesson is that we need to protect our schools and their libraries from this kind of nonsense. For ignorance has no placed in our schools.

We don’t need this movie to become our reality.

Some Friday good news! For once!


Today we learned that the “plaintiff” in the transgender bathroom policy lawsuit against FCPS requested for it to be dismissed. The reason?:

“Plaintiff minor treats all people with dignity, and has never been and is in fact not discriminatory, and has instead sought to defend and protect her own privacy and speech rights,” the request states. “However, she does not believe that she can continue to prosecute her case without an increase in anxiety and fear of loss of her privacy.”

The plaintiff’s motion states that a Frederick News-Post article — which quoted an intervening defendant — caused the student to arrive home from school in tears.

The request said the student “is exposed to tremendous stress and potential humiliation for bringing and prosecuting this case in defense of her right to privacy.”

We can surmise that the Frederick News Post article referred to was the one announcing that the ACLU and James Van Kuilenburg  wished to be added as defendants. 

We don’t wish humiliation or stress on any child. However, we have to point out that is exactly what this lawsuit was attempting to do to transgender students in our school system. One would hope that these feelings will finally give some insight into how marginalized people in our society feel every day.

While we are glad that the lawsuit is going away, we are sad we won’t be able to hear judge’s rebuke of this nonsense. The girl in question was the victim of a bully in a locker room. A wrong was no doubt committed against her. And we hope the school dealt with it in an appropriate fashion. That being said, NOWHERE does it say that it was a transgender person that recorded her in the locker room. Therefore it is a huge stretch to insinuate that incident led to this young lady being afraid of sharing a public bathroom with a transgender person. To do so is humiliating to transgender students!

Honestly, no one said it better than this first commenter on the above article:

2017-11-03 (2)
We agree 100%!
We hope, with the dropping of this lawsuit, the girl in question can get the peace she needs. We additionally hope that we can all learn to respect ALL of the children in our school system. Plus, stop freaking out about the public bathrooms! What are you people doing in there anyway?