What can we do on such a shitty day?

Why indeed…

Even though we knew this was coming, we still can’t believe the Supreme Court took away a woman’s right to body autonomy. We can’t believe that when we turned on Hulu today the first suggestion was Handmaid’s Tale. For why would we want to re-watch the Oracle of Delphi right now? We can’t help but wonder if people realize the repercussions of this action. Did the Supreme Court justices who voted for this and the people who advocated for this intend for women to carry their rapists’ children? Are they really okay with women who have had a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy being treated as criminals? Will they be able to sleep at night knowing that doctors and nurses could be sentenced to prison for helping to save a woman’s life? Who is going to pay for these pregnancies and child care? Because we know that isn’t on the Republican platform!

No help for the baby or family after the baby is born.

While running errands today we heard one Pro Life man say that once women are aware of Safe Haven laws in their states they will instead just drop off their babies at their local fire station ! Problem solved!

We sure have!

Every pregnancy puts a woman’s health at risk. Every pregnancy is a personal decision with its own special circumstances that shouldn’t be decided on by a bunch of religious fanatics. This ruling tells women that they aren’t capable of making their own decisions, and we just can’t stand for that!

So after we get over the very understandable urge to burn it all to the ground.

We need to do something.

And that something is vote. We cannot allow this decision to remain. We can’t allow them to come after birth control or same sex marriage. That means we need to get people elected here in MD that will continue to respect our laws. And that also means we need to support Democratic candidates for the House and Senate nationwide. The only way to undo this monstrosity of a decision is to codify the right to an abortion. We also need to make sure that “pro-life” governors do not get into our governor’s mansion. We already know what a nightmare Dan Cox is for a variety of reasons, but let’s not forget about Kelly Schultz. We found a reference to this interview from 2014 on her:

We aren’t going to make the same mistake that Susan Collins did and believe her when she says that she won’t advocate changing Maryland law.

We are also going to drop our post about all of our recent election reporting.

We know today is tough, we all feel sick to our stomachs, but we need to fight back. No crazies on the school board, no out of touch, backwards, anti-women legislators or governors. This is not the year to be apathetic.

When this is all over, some of y’all gonna be social pariahs!

We can’t even believe we have to discuss such things…AGAIN. A few days ago we wrote a post about how thankful we are that our local government is not run by people who continue to say terrible things along the lines of: What’s a few lives as long as the economy doesn’t suffer? Or this actual quote from one of the people in the aforementioned post:

STOP with the propaganda! No one in Maryland is losing their job because of the Coronavirus.

They’re losing their job because Governor Larry Hogan bad decisions and poor leadership.

Hogan is why you lost your job NOT the virus.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we share the same county, state, country, planet, universe with these people. We Lady Yokels have had a lot of issues with Hogan in the past, but we’ve been oh so thankful for the measures he’s put into place to help SAVE OUR LIVES. Hogan, along with this hero, Governor President Cuomo:

They are some of the only ones making any sense around here! Just look at this article about what Lt. Dan Patrick of Texas had to say! If anything, this crisis should lay to rest the “ideals” of the Libertarian Party (Rand Paul anyone?) once and for all. For those of you who want less government during a time of an unprecedented health crisis, then don’t take any relief. No stimulus checks, no public services, no nothing for ya! Go figure it out on your own, and leave the rest of us out of your experiment with social Darwinism!

It’s always amazing!

Hopefully our SANE and helpful governors will continue to see us through this crisis. The orange one, who thinks everything will be just delightful by Easter, needs to be ignored while our public health officials’ advice heeded. Some of y’all really need to stop being terrible all the time.

What could possibly go wrong?