Well, bestill our Yokel hearts! We are actually enjoying the Tentacle this week!

Pick yourself up from the ground and let us explain! There’s a new writer over at the noodly appendage by the name of Brooke Winn. Appointed to the Frederick County Republican Central Committee just two short years ago, Ms. Winn has some insights into the local party that we very much appreciate!

First of all, in her November 6th piece, we are treated to this:

I quickly learned to automatically assume politicians are a bunch of self-serving, narcissistic monsters who are completely willing to sell their “principled” soul for an extra $500 in their campaign bank account, Republicans included

My faith in the Republican Party has decreased in the past two years. Trust me, I don’t like to be a “Debbie downer,” seeking to find the best in every situation, but our party functions in ways that seemingly go against everything it claims to be.

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Followed by:

The most disturbing element within the local party is the in-fighting and heated battles of a contested primary election. As much as Republican voters think their votes elect a particular candidate of their choosing, it does not. In fact, party politics dictates who the “chosen” Republican nominee will be, with the party throwing money at their ‘Chosen One’ faster than Democrats spending money on entitlement programs. So, your choice doesn’t matter as much as you think when you are standing in the voting booth on primary election day – the powers that be in Republican Party have already spoken for you.

If that wasn’t enough, today she penned another criticism of the local political machine. This time she publicized phone messages that Delegate Barrie Ciliberti left her. Here’s a taste:

December 3, 2015 at 5:28PM: (https://youtu.be/RkGGKU-81nc):


Delegate CilibertiYeah, hi, Brooke, uh, Barrie Ciliberti here. Uh again, you’re a busy woman, ha. I’m on my way to Winchester Hall, but I understand there’s a meeting tonight with the Central Committee. And, uh, you don’t know me. Uh, but I’d enjoy meeting you personally and, over coffee, or whatever. Glass of wine. Get to know each other.


My thoughts: Again, yeah, I don’t know you. And wine? Sounds a bit inappropriate to be asking a young woman out for adult beverages who doesn’t know you.

Very inappropriate!! Did he think he was going charm her into silence? Wow, just wow!

We are sure this is the opinion of the Hough arm of the Republican party at this time!

We are anxiously waiting to read next week’s installment!!