VOTE like the Founding Fathers can see you–especially if they wouldn’t have let you vote!

Exercise your right to vote!

You can early vote from October 25 through November 1 at any of these locations in Frederick County from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.

Frederick Senior Center
1440 Taney Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 21702

Thurmont Regional Library
76 East Moser Road
Thurmont, Maryland 21788

Urbana Regional Library
9020 Amelung Street
Frederick, Maryland 21704

Middletown VFD Activities Building
1 Fireman’s Lane
Middletown, Maryland 21769


If you don’t know something about a local race, is a great resource. Provided by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters, it allows you to compare the answers that candidates gave to a survey of questions. You go to the site and enter your address and compare candidates for the races you can vote in.

The Frederick News Post also has a page with local races and links to information about 2018 candidates. If you search on the FNP website you may never find that link. Google is your friend. Or you can always come here! Glad to be of service. Off to the polls, Yokels!

What is even going on here?

Time to pay some attention to the Democratic Primary for At-Large Council race! We have four great candidates: Kai Hagen, Mark Long, Susan Reeder Jessee, and Kavonte Duckett. Oh… and Galen Clagett. Notice how his name isn’t linked to anything? That’s because there isn’t anything to link to! No Facebook page, no website, no indication anywhere that the guy is even running!!! What year is this again?

We know Bandit! It’s preposterous!

At last evening’s candidate’s forum, Galen accused fellow candidate Kai Hagen of throwing out a “cheap shot” because Kai had the nerve to bring up things that Galen actually did! Take a look:


Guess what Mr. Clagett? Knowing Blaine as a child is not a good enough justification to support him as county executive! Especially after all he did during his reign as BOCC President. Your claims of voting in your business’ interests are also unimpressive.Why don’t we take a look at that letter he sent out to his fellow Democrats back in 2014:




WOW!!!! And straight from Kirby Delauter’s website (Yes, he has one!):

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.08.13 PM.png

Choose wisely come June 26. #localelectionsmatter!