Workshop absentee.

Naa, we’re good!

From our post on Tuesday we saw that there was some speculation that Kirby would not show up. He did show up, though he was as silent as could be. Billy, on the other hand, did not bother. Therefore, between Billy’s absence and Kirby’s silence we had a pretty nice meeting!The first order of business is that Jerry would like to add an amendment to the Elderly Individual and Retired Military tax credit. The FNP, did a nice job of covering this part of the meeting, so we’ll just direct you to that.

With no explanation Kirby pulls his bill for the Public Safety workers tax credit.

Lori Depies is always a pleasure to listen to. There will be a bill asking to remove the BoE representatives from the Retiree Benefit Trust. There is also a representative from the BoE on hand to explain why they would like to dissolve their relationship. The BoE will be managing a separate trust for their employees. Read more about the bill here.

Bud has a bill that would transfer control of compensation from the County Executive’s office to the County Council for council employees. Bud has worked on this for over a year, however, many of the council members did not see this exact bill until this evening. This bill caused the most back and forth of the evening. Some council members are concerned about this turning all council employees into at-will. Others want to know why this is necessary. Tony accuses M.C. and Jessica of saying this bill is horrible. Something we did not hear. M.C. takes issue with this characterization and tells him that having concerns and wanting some language changed does not equal saying it is horrible. Jerry has a few hypothetical situations that a future vindictive council member may take advantage of with this bill. This then leads to Bud saying the most wonderful thing: ” The public will take care of unreasonable council members”. Damn right we will! There’s some more discussion, so we predict some more changes before this bill sees its first reading.

No one to object to going into closed session! What a refreshing change!

The council reconvened at 7:00 for a public hearing on the new bike trail bill. The county has been operating under the 1999 plan and staff feels the need to update it. They are taking some of the trails out of the original plan due to such factors as cost, need, and environmental impact. The third reading of this bill, which means the final council vote, should appear soon.

We were spared council member comments this week since it was a workshop. We’ll see how things go next week during their first legislative meeting since the election.

5 thoughts on “Workshop absentee.

  1. Billy Shreve didn’t skip the meeting, he abstained from attending. Please feel free to abstain all summer if he wants too.


  2. The July 11th River Board was interesting. I attended by conference call but was not given credit for being present and I could not vote. It turned out Iseldomgot to be heard. I tried to be recognized already 15 times the first hour andalmostnorecognition. The majority of the FC RB was dragged into the Carroll County wood shed (mid-March Forum Revision). We did not wanttoparticipateinwhatwefelt was an illegal (illigit) prof& edit. Most FC RB members do not support this CarrollCpunty Revision. The highlight of the meeting was MC’s sharing 7 FC CC admendments to the 2017 Recommended Plan. Earl asked it behandedbackto RBfor fair consideration. IhopeFCCC passes admendments and the new resolution keeping ownership of the better plan thanCarrollCounty Revision that is private land owner property protectionsfirst andverylittleon improving water quality which is last &low priority on Carroll County ForumRevision Monocacy River Plan. “OH, What a night!” Like the famous song in 1963.


  3. Maybe with his new abundance of free time, Billy can get that eyebrow transplant surgery he’s been putting off.

    Where does he do his ski instruction? Maybe I’ll go this winter and slip the kid a sawbuck so he can get a malted.


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