Your double meeting Yokel report!!!

Well, it wasn’t quite that dramatic Sparky!

Yesterday, the county council had a workshop. The first part of the workshop was a hearing on the proposed MXD bill. Only one person came to speak. The gentleman was a lawyer speaking on behalf of St. John’s Properties. He believes this bill would short circuit the entire zoning process. He also believes that it is unfair to tenants and homeowners who had previously bought their property or set up their businesses in this area. As do we! Contrary to what Billy told us the last meeting, this gentleman lets the council know that it is NOT a good idea to just pass this now and fix whatever problems come up later. That’s just not good legislating!

The majority of the workshop is devoted to budget information. Esteemed Budget Director, Rick Harcum, is in the house to talk about all the different options he is willing to give the council on the budget, as far ahead as possible, so they are able to to have any and all information to do their jobs! Will Billy still complain, abstain,  and say they need their own budget analyst?  Is the ocean wet?

Anyhoo, the meeting has a lot of presentations from various departments within the county, which we didn’t have time to listen to. The evening ends with a report on A Better Maryland that you can read about here.

This evening we had the shortest meeting in the history of forever!


No public comment at either end of the meeting. Billy votes against the agenda and abstains from the minutes. County Attorney, Michael Chomel, is present to have the council sign the Ballenger Run PUD. Then, Bud pulls his MXD bill! Apparently without any notice to any of his other council members! It seems to us that he could have just canceled the entire meeting since this was the only reason for the meeting to begin with! But that’s for his fellow council members to argue.

We close out with council member comments. Tony and Kirby pass. Jerry wants the public to contact him so he has the necessary information in case this MXD bill is brought back. He also wants everyone to know how successful the senior tax credit information sessions have been! Billy promotes his Classmates 4 Life, telling us that this is how kids are learning that drugs are bad! Jessica is willing to work with anyone who wants to make a new MXD bill, as does M.C. Bud is surprised that everyone is willing to work together and since some people, and he’s not naming names, were unwilling to help him with this.

Until next week folks!

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