Oh would you look at that! Our Sheriff is doing commercials!!

It’s true!!! Our very own High Sheriff Jenkins is doing commercials for the anti-immigration organization known as FAIR (Federation for Immigration Reform). Look at him all decked out in his Frederick County finery:

Take a gander at FAIR’s Twitter page when you have a moment. Take special note of the  articles they chose to share. Breitbart is one of their absolute faves. Perhaps you remember a few years back when the sheriff accepted a trip to the southern border of the U.S. that was paid for by this organization. In this FNP article from 2014, right after Jenkins took this trip, we learned that:

Jenkins expressed concern about a News-Post article stating that the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled FAIR a hate group. It unfairly associated him with the anti-illegal immigration organization, he said.

Well that concern must not have been too great because here he is three years later in a Public Service Announcement for that organization! The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has a lot to say about his particular organization. Here’s some warm and fuzzy quotes that the SPLC complied from  FAIR’s current president, Daniel Stein:

“I blame ninety-eight percent of responsibility for this country’s immigration crisis on Ted Kennedy and his political allies, who decided some time back in 1958, earlier perhaps, that immigration was a great way to retaliate against Anglo-Saxon dominance and hubris, and the immigration laws from the 1920s were just this symbol of that, and it’s a form of revengism, or revenge, that these forces continue to push the immigration policy that they know full well are [sic] creating chaos and will continue to create chaos down the line.”
— FAIR President Dan Stein, “Oral History of the Federation for American Immigration Reform,” interview of Dan Stein by John Tanton, August 1994.


Immigrants don’t come all church-going, freedom-loving, God-fearing … Many of them hate America, hate everything that the United States stands for. Talk to some of these Central Americans.”
— FAIR President Dan Stein, interviewed by Tucker Carlson, Oct. 2, 1997

Ted Kennedy?! Umm, okay. After watching the video, we hoped that our Sheriff wasn’t aware of this group’s history. (Be sure you read through SPLC’s link, lots of interesting thoughts on eugenics and white supremacy from FAIR’s original founders).  However, after coming across the 2014 article about the trip, we realize that is NOT the case. He’s known, since at least 2014, that there were many concerns about this organization. Those concerns, however, were not enough to dissuade him from being a part of their very Public Service Announcement.

Jenkins does have one supporter that wrote an LTE that appeared in today’s paper. Too bad for the sheriff that he no longer lives here.

And although this doesn’t involve Jenkins at all, we want to make sure you saw Dr Ben Carson spouting his revisionist history of slaves as the original immigrants on a quest for a better life. I thought only liberals were into rewriting history?



5 thoughts on “Oh would you look at that! Our Sheriff is doing commercials!!

  1. It’s inappropriate for him to use the uniform of the sherriff’s department that we all pay for to promote his personal political goals. It’s time for him to go.


  2. A governmental law enforcement leader should not determine the enforcement of the law over a specific group of people because of the color of their skin and where they come from. Let’s start realizing that there is more important
    laws to enforce like the distribution of HEROIN. MY wife, who is Hispanic, Is a lawyer, spoke to the UN in Paris on
    Women rights, traveled the world in their diplomatic foreign service, has experienced some of this intolerance in Frederick. She Is a US citizen, and a citizen of the country she is from. She speaks 5 languages. From the outside,
    she looks like any other Hispanic, legal or illegal. So do not “Judge a book by its cover.”


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