Holiday inspiration, part 3.

Did you know you can buy stills on the interweb? We found this one at

This continues our ongoing series to share some of our own Yokel family traditions to help you get in the holiday spirit.

If you have see an episode of Moonshiners, you may recognize the purpose of the still we included am image of above. This edition of Yokel Holiday Inspirations is inspired by Aunt Mildred’s moonshine.

Aunt Mildred is a distant Yokel with a not so legal habit of distilling her own shine to share at the holidays. We can’t share her recipe here, she keeps that in her head, plus moonshining is not exactly a legal backyard gathering that we can endorse.

We are thankful that over the years. Aunt Mildred has hauled her moonshine across several state lines  at great person risk, just to spread with your local Yokels.

If you want to start your own holiday moonshine tradition, head to your local liquor store to buy yourself a legal version.

No, no, no, Professor Whiskers! Did you even read this post?


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