Ruh-roh! Billy is going to have to unblock us!

It’s your friendly Yokel gals

Billy has a couple of pages, his personal one, in which he’s free to friend or unfriend as he pleases.  And a “professional” page entitled “Councilman Billy Shreve” which now falls under a totally different set of rules. Today, a federal court decided that public officials cannot block social media users because of their criticism. In a decision based on a case that originated from Loudon County, VA the judge stated:

“Defendant’s offense at Plaintiff’s views was therefore an illegitimate basis for her actions—particularly given that Plaintiff earned Defendant’s ire by criticizing the County government. Indeed, the suppression of critical commentary regarding elected officials is the quintessential form of viewpoint discrimination against which the First Amendment guards. By prohibiting Plaintiff from participating in her online forum because she took offense at his claim that her colleagues in the County government had acted unethically, Defendant committed a cardinal sin under the First Amendment.”

Well, well, well, guess who Billy blocked?! That’s right, us!!!! We look forward to being allowed back in! If any of our faithful readers have also been blocked, please let us know on either Facebook or Twitter! We know that Councilman Billy Shreve doesn’t want to be in violation of the 1st amendment.


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