Happy Birthday America!!!


Hope y’all are going to celebrate America’s birthday in style! If you want to listen to the descendants of some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence read the document their forefathers signed, give this video a try.  Billy has some thoughts about our county government and the 4th as well:


We know some of you may not be in the mood to celebrate much today. And we can’t blame you since our Tweeter in Chief  hasn’t made it easy to be proud of what we’ve become lately. Take heart in this article, which tells the tale of  how Colorado Springs elected a Trump-like mayor and then, deciding they wanted to be a city of grown ups, elected a much more reasonable, intelligent fellow the next time around. Kinda like we did in 2014 when we chose Jan over Blaine. If anything, we are a hopeful, optimist people who will overcome this!

Hopefully our 2018 election doesn’t spiral out of control!

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