If you watched last evening’s council meeting, it was unearthed that civil rights activist and constitutional scholar Kirby submitted a last minute bombshell legal brief. Using Reconstruction Era Fourteenth Amendment his magical attorney explains the unconstitutional nature of the county ethics ordinance that would deprive Kirby and his relatives from benefiting from his seat on the County Council.

It was all very hush, hush. However,  since Kirby encouraged all Frederick County business owners to take a lookie, we just had to take him up on it. It seems like a bunch of horse doody.

The shocking part of this whole ethics ordinance is that in trying to keep our county government open and transparent we have violated the U.S. Constitution. At least that’s what this letter would have us believe.  Allegedly this ordinance is so “vague” that it really taxes people of “common intelligence” to figure it all out. Therefore, the great 14th amendment, designed to help protect former slaves from having their rights trounced upon, has been lit on fire. How can Kirby possibly stop all his relatives from storming Winchester Hall signing up for contracts and thereby risking his freedom? It is way too hard to figure out how to stop that from happening. Therefore, Kirby should get his contracts. Seriously folks, one and a half hours before the vote Kirby submits this? We’ve been talking about this for a whole year now. But I guess since all the tantrums, dead horse beating, and whining didn’t work this is what we are left with?

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Neil is judging you!

Psst. Also, this is not about Kirby or his very own law anymore. He is both the most special of snowflakes and yet through some kooky oxymoron is also completely self effacing. Just thinking of future businessmen who may heed the noble call of public service. Hopefully this all gets put to rest next week. Enough is enough already.