Your January 12 meeting round-up-It’s all about sacrifice!


A rather short meeting last night. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have reports to make. Mainly because of this:

Hope you aren’t doing too bad from the pitcher of Tirade you had to drink last night.

2016-01-12 (1)

It’s the council member comments that have been doing us in lately.  Let’s start with Kirby. As predicted he had some thing to say about the ethics bill. First of all, all business people are going to be “scared to death” to run for local office. And the rest you’ve heard all before and great Juno what will it take to get him to stop this analogy between his making money and the teacher’s voting on the budget?!


As for Billy. He wants to engage in a game of dueling press releases.


Because dammit the press release that dared to correct his press release wasn’t right and how can he get this very egregious snafu fixed? And of course he’s against the ethics bill because it’s against Kirby! And on and on he goes and never does it get any easier, people.

On to Tony! Tony has nothing but praise to sing for the libraries. Let’s have him extend his generous spirit to the school system, since his family has adapted the library system to replace local schools. And sacrifice! Tony wants us all to know how much money and Facebook freedom (nobody told Kirby) the council members have sacrificed for you! Erase the fact that Kirby has never been allowed to bid on county contracts, it’s the potential earnings (that were never going to happen) that he’s given up for you!

And now, kudos to Bud for clearing  up this budget director nonsense. Kirby and Billy would have us believe that nothing has been done to get the council help with the budget. But what about that time they hired that accounting firm? And  what about that time you guys fired them? (Except Billy who was MIA, but who are we kidding he would have abstained anyway.)So the rhetoric about nothing being done in the last 13 months is just a lie.


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