Your second drinking game of the month! Hope your livers can take it!

Good luck Waffles!
Good luck Waffles!

So here we find ourselves again Yokels! Last week Billy was in rare form, hopefully things won’t get quite out of hand this week, but hey who are we kidding?  Grab your agenda and remember this game is for your entertainment purposes only.  Billy certainly doesn’t care about any of our liberal readers.

Budget transfers in the house! Only two tonight so it’ll go by fast. Transit and Fire Services! If Billy abstains or says yes instead of the correct aye, slam back a short bus. Since we would like to send him out on a short bus ride to Washington County, one way of course!

Second week of talking about the Samuel Cock homestead. When Billy brings up Trout Run, curse loudly at your TV or computer, then sip on your Troutie to calm yourself down.

Now we are on to three separate bill introductions:

Special exception to historic structures. This bill will do away with the ability to use a historical structure as a group home. We already mentioned Trout Run once , but when Billy moans and complains about how Narconon was not allowed to come up here and convert a bunch of people lift up your Happy Camper. Because that’s what we are since that wasn’t allowed to happen.

Next up, medical cannabis. Billy wants this so there shouldn’t be any acting up. (cough, cough).  Let’s all just drink some Happy Juice so that people who could really use this to feel better can finally get the chance to do so.

And finally, oh dear, ethics. Six proposed changes to the ethics bill. If anyone (Kirby) throws a fit (Kirby), have at a pitcher of Tirade

We cannot even begin to predict what may happen during council member comments. Drink at will!


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