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Hey why not?
Sure, why not?


Not satisfied to wait for their January 4th hearing date, the faithful lawyers for Social Betterment (a.k.a. we all know who!) has filed a new petition. In this petition they have named and quoted many concerned members of our community that decided, either through email or by public comment, to speak out against the historical designation. That’s right yokels, it seems now if you decide to write to your local council member concerning your opinion about any matter whatsoever, that email is now considered testimony and can be used in a court petition. How can an email be the same as sworn testimony, any lawyers out there? We have to wonder why they singled out those that they chose to, since we are sure there were hundreds (if not thousands) of people who contacted the council on this issue. We have heard somewhere before that harassment and intimidation is the name of the game for this organization. Any hoo, we will be waiting to see how January 4th works out since it seems to be all in the hands of the judge at this point.