Quelle Surprise! No, not really.


We really cannot wait until August 18th when we can put the hot mess known officially as The English Only Ordinance behind us. Until then, we will bring you any and all updates concerning it. In today’s FNP there’s a front page story concerning the fiscal impact of the ordinance. Now, we are really confused. Because Billy insisted, absolutely insisted that the only reason he voted for this was because of the dollars.

Fiscal Year Interpretation Costs Difference from previous year Percent Change
2006 $8,183.26 n/a n/a
2007 $13,406.64 $5,223.38 63.83%
2008 $34,360.14 $20,953.50 156.29%
2009 $52,249.81 $17,889.67 52.07%
2010 $53,832.18 $1,582.37 3.03%
2011 $38,139.37 -$15,692.81 -29.15%
2012 $52,848.96 $14,709.59 38.57%
2013 $42,489.21 -$10,359.75 -19.60%
2014 $48,445.68 $5,956.47 14.02%
2015 $59,084.79 $10,639.11 21.96%
 Courtesy: Frederick News Post, August 8, 2015.
But huh, we don’t see it. There was a little dip in 2013. Then it went right back up again. Does this have anything to do with the fact that the county still has to translate documents so we aren’t in violation of State and Federal laws? Could it? What’s Billy got to say?

Not everyone interpreted the budget figures the same way. Councilman Billy Shreve, another member of the board that passed the English-only ordinance, noted that costs did decrease after the ordinance took effect.

When asked about the increase in recent years, he said that was the result of County Executive Jan Gardner’s administration.

Had to giggle at the line: “Not everyone interpreted the budget figures the same way.” He never does, does he? He cannot possibly be blaming Jan for the 2014 increase since she didn’t take office until December of that year. But of course he will. And let’s take a peeky boo at Kirby’s analysis:

Councilman Kirby Delauter, a member of the board that passed the ordinance, said it was more of a preventive measure than a cost-cutting move.

“I don’t believe there has been any real effect on the budget. It’s just a matter of, in the litigious society that we live in … that there is a set policy,” he said. “You want to set the standard, make sure we know exactly what the standard is.”

Excuse me Mr. Delauter, but the standard has already been set! The county has to translate documents for those who need them. There’s no way around that! This doesn’t protect Frederick from lawsuits, because you have to do it!!!! Why can’t these people just come out and admit why they passed this ordinance?! It wasn’t because of money, it wasn’t because of lawsuits. Even the High Sheriff is a little more honest when he makes some vague allusion to the county becoming a “sanctuary county”. They did it to send a message to immigrants, legal and illegal since there’s no way this policy differentiates between the two. You aren’t welcome here. This recent Baltimore Sun article is another indication of how this fiasco has made our county look to the rest of the State. We need a new direction, and the repeal of this ordinance is a huge step forward.

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