A really inconvenient truth!


We derive no pleasure in bringing these stories to you  faithful readers.  Today, the Frederick News Post once again has shown us how the decisions of the former BOCC nearly brought this county to it’s knees.  We wrote a  story a few months back concerning the horrible decisions the Unfantastic Four made concerning county transportation. Now we have this sad report:

In the two years since a private company took over managing a long-term care center for Frederick County government, the quality-of-care rating at the center has fallen from above average to below average

Not that this is surprising to a single one of us here at the Yokel, nor to a majority of the commentators on this article.  It still breaks our hearts though. The transportation fiasco was inconvenient, frustrating and expensive. This story involves the care of our sick and aging neighbors. Billy’s buddy, Mr. Snow, wants to throw the blame on the county for this rating. However, when the county was in control the rating was a 4. So what has been the change since then? That’s right Aurora. So even though a certain council member once told us that Aurora was like Disney World. Obviously that’s not the case.

Now let’s look into our crystal ball for a moment:

How is Kirby and Billy going to blame this on Jan?
How are Kirby and Billy going to blame this on Jan?

We would like to make a prediction.  Billy or Kirby will be a guest on WFMD and on that program they will blame Jan not paying the bill for this rating.  Even though both Billy and Mr. Snow assured us that the level of care would remain the same. Maybe it has. And that level has always been pretty low.

We hear a lot of rumblings around town that Jan is on a vendetta to reverse the former BOCC decisions out of spite. We have another term for it: It’s called fixing things.

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