It’s time for another one of Uncle Billy’s fireside chats!


Oh, readers what we endure for you! It has been awhile since we have had to put up with the auditory assault otherwise know as WFMD. Before I even start with the content of this of this hour (!) that Billy spend on the air with sycophant Tim May and Frank “how the hell can you stand this” Mitchell, a word about psychology. Back in college we all took Psych 101 and during this endeavor there was much discussion about how the individual sees his or herself as opposed to how others see that person. For some there is a huge disconnect. And just as we once diagnosed Billy with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, we must opine that the gap between how he sees himself and how most of the sane world sees him is about this big:

Hey isn't this the thing that Billy said would happen here if we just allowed erosion to take it's course?
Hey, isn’t this the thing that Billy said would happen here if we just allowed erosion to take its course?

The reason for this diagnosis is due to an absolutely unbelievable statement made by Mr. Shreve this evening. Now brace yourself for this:

People tell me that I am too warm and fuzzy and don’t always get my point across.

imageThat’s the problem!!! He’s not being a jerk, he’s just like a warm and fuzzy little kitten! And according to the four people who called in to this mess of a radio program it’s true! I think the best way to try to convey what was said this evening is to break this report into sections.  The show was all over the place and if I tried to convey it to you in any kind of chronological order you may think I was having some kind of stream of consciousness fit.

On Bud:

I was frustrated at the last meeting because this isn’t Congress, This is Frederick County.

In the past, the BOCC took a bad rap because we allowed the public to talk whenever they wanted to. The current chair does not allow this.

We are going to reconsider Bud’s position. He has not only irritated me and Kirby, but also the citizens. My prediction is that there will be a movement to elect a new Council President.

You’ve made everyone mad, it’s a matter of time until you’re not president anymore.

On the new charter and accusations that he and Kirby cannot follow procedure:

I picked the people to write the charter.

This is Frederick County not Congress. (again)

I am never rude.

There hasn’t been any problem for me and Kirby in terms of adapting to the new charter

On Jerry Donald:

He’s from a very conservative district, so if he votes for the repeal of the English only ordinance, he won’t win re-election.

On Jessica Fitzwater:

She started all this stuff on the repeal.

The repeal is poorly written.

Whew! That’s honestly only the tip of the iceberg. It was sometimes hard to concentrate with Tim May’s constant yesssing all over Billy’s words. The only bit of sanity within this program is Frank Mitchell and he does attempt to take Billy to task on the English language ordinance.  When Mr. Mitchell asks Billy if he learned (ha!) anything from the speakers at the hearing or changed his viewpoint in any way he responded:

The public misinterprets the information in front of them. We were actually protecting the citizens. It’s a protection.

Mr. Mitchell bravely pushes on, asking if in reality, was the ordinance more of a statement against illegal immigration than anything to do with fiscal policy.

Not for me. It was a fiscal decision. It’s not fair unless you have interpreters for every language. It’s a communication policy.

Once again we must refer to the psychological research on the gap between how the individual interprets a situation as opposed to the rest of the thinking world.  During this whole program it seemed as though it was just one threat after another. Bud, we are going to depose you! Jerry you will not be re-elected! Jessica sought people out who were against this poorly written resolution, no one really wanted it! It’s really too much to take. And the people who called in! We here at the Yokel usually reserve our comments to those elected to serve us. But we will have to make an exception because what is wrong with you people?!

Bill (I can tell from his voice this is the same gentleman who coined the term “High Sheriff” when referring to Sheriff Jenkins during the last hearing) has some words to say about someone named Diana from Bud’s office calling people asking them to change their minds about the ordinance.  He thinks this warrants an ethics violation against Bud. Now these alleged two incidents occurred to people who contacted Bud first. Something that even Tim May pointed out and said that he didn’t see anything wrong with contacting someone who contacted you first. Now, as to the content of what was said during these conversations who knows. But it all sounded a lot like Glen Beck’s just asking questions mantra. Billy is out for Bud and he will do it any way he can. Then there was some talk about Bud bringing a county employee to a Republican political event. Billy was speculating all over the place on this one. But the crafter of the High Sheriff title threw Billy under the bus when he revealed Bud’s reasoning. Bud was concerned that Kirby or Billy may be in attendance at the meeting thereby making a quorum. So he wanted her there to take notes so the public would know that nothing behind closed doors was taking place.

There were a few more callers who “appreciate Billy’s leadership”, and ask him “to keep up the good work in the face of adversity and incompetency”. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, but I really hope you four were put up to this. If you can look at all we have seen from Billy over the last few months and deduce that he is a victim who has shown courage in the face of adversity, well there really may not be much hope left for humanity.


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