What’s your poison this week?

Another Council meeting on Tuesday July 7th at 4:30 pm means it is time for another round of our favorite drinking game.Our pocketbooks are still feeling empty after that $11000 cup of coffee.  I hope this round won’t cause everyone such a hardship. As always, grab a designated driver or plan a grown up sleepover. You know Billy is going to bow his head to the flag, so whip up a batch of Purple Jesus to have ready when it happens. Budget transfers are the first item on the agendaTake a shot of Jackass every time Billy abstains. nuh1p   If anyone is out of order during County Executive appointments, chug an ale from the Crazy pack of Crazies. If plumbing code amendments include requiring the gentlemen of the county to do their part in abating future legislative needs by leaping out of the car to go pee in the side yard, per Delauter household etiquette, make ya bad self a SEWER WATER.

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