Your June 16 County Council Drinking Game- It’s going to be a doozy

This month’s council meeting agenda is three pages long! You heard us correctly, three pages!  So pace yourself, and remember no calls to Billy about your drunken behavior. As always, this game is for entertainment purposes only. Always drink responsibly. But have fun!

During public comments:

  • If someone calls Bud a turncoat or makes a Benedict Arnold reference take a sip of a Sam Adams brew.
  • Take another sip for each instance of flagrantly defying Roberts Rules of Order.
  • If someone is wearing a Kirby Delauter campaign shirt, tip back a fireball shot. We hear he’s a fan. Then shout, “FAHRBAWL!!!!!” like you are listening to that Pitbull song.
  • If someone tells Billy or Kirby to recuse themselves from the decision on Monrovia- a shot of Crown Royal, because this is a thing that happened:


  • If this agenda item:

Potential Retention of Legislative Consultant (Lobbyist) – Council Member Kirby Delauter (Council Decision)

turns out to be as seedy as it sounds like it could be, take between one and 42 drinks. You will have to be the judge of seedy, as well as severity of seediness. But, we trust you to get it done right.

  • If the whole meeting devolves into some sort of county-wide embarrassment tainting us all with xenophobia when the bill to repeal the official language is introduced, check yourself into rehab. It goes without saying, but just in case…NOT NARCONON.

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