Reality argues against Narconon

“Do not believe everyone else in the world! I and only I am the answer to your problems”!

It wasn’t enough that the county council voted 6-1 not to change the designation of the Trout Run property. It also wasn’t enough that the community rallied around this decision and gave many, many instances of what is wrong with Narconon and why we do not want it in our community. You know why it wasn’t enough? Because all you people are wrong!!! Don’t believe me? Then just take a gander at Sylvia Stanard’s LTE in today’s Frederick News Post.

Just kidding folks! It’s a bunch of lies. Where shall we start? The beginning sounds very reasonable. It’s an emotional appeal to those suffering through a drug addiction. After just attending a funeral of a family member who succumbed to their addiction I can see how this could appeal to those who have lost all hope. In reality, though, it’s a huge manipulation to get you into their facility.  And manipulating people who are at the lowest point in their lives has got to land in one of Dante’s circles of hell.

Yep right there! Numbers 8 and 9!
Yep right there! Numbers 8 and 9!

Now for the blatant falsehoods in this piece of propaganda. This is Sylvia’s claim about the origin of Narconon:

It is based on the writings, procedures and techniques of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion. Hubbard conducted extensive research into drug abuse during the 1960s and ’70s when recreational drug use had reached epidemic proportions. He developed techniques to overcome the effects of virtually every type of drug. Wanting to help those thought lost to addiction, Hubbard made his discoveries broadly available. The result was the establishment of Narconon.

And here’s what it says on Narconon’s own website:

William Benitez, an inmate of Arizona State Prison, founded the Narconon program in 1966. Benitez came upon a book in the prison library by American author L. Ron Hubbard, and after reading this book and applying the principles it contained on increasing one’s abilities, he and dozens of other inmates were able to permanently end their addictions to heroin. The Narconon program has evolved from that simple beginning to a worldwide network of over 120 drug prevention and drug-free social education rehabilitation centers. Through the tireless work of dedicated staff and volunteers, we have rehabilitated tens of thousands of addicts and brought the truth about drugs to millions of individuals.

So either the Deputy Director of the Church of Scientology’s National Affairs Office is misinformed, confused, or a liar. I would love to see this extensive research that L.Ron conducted. But alas, it’s nowhere to be found. All I could find was that he talked about it,and came up with some theory that drugs reside in fatty tissues and can only be sweated out. A claim that has been disputed by numerous real scientists as not only wrong but potentially fatal.

Studies about the effectiveness of the Narconon program on their own website are also flawed. All they present are case studies done by their own people and entities. In other words,they have zero proof that it works. And let us not forget about the numerous lawsuits filed because people have died in these facilities.

Now after talking about Scientology and Narconon’s partnership:

The Church of Scientology and Scientologists are proud to help support the Narconon program as part of our social and humanitarian mission. Scientology churches and their parishioners have provided assistance to Narconons since their inception. Narconon is one of the most successful drug-rehabilitation programs in the world, and a vital player in helping those with addiction problems.

We get:

Nevertheless, Narconon is not part of the Church of Scientology, and one does not have to become a member of the religion to do the program.

Very confused…again. So this program is completely based on the works of Scientology’s guru, Mr. Hubbard, and we are all so proud to sponsor, fund, buy real estate, etc. But don’t worry! You are in no danger of becoming one of us! We just want to help! Really?!

It’s not over yet, oh how we wish it was, but no. Now for all of you who have “misconceptions” about Scientology:

The Church of Scientology is a newer religion and perhaps not as well-known. Scientology deals with man as a spiritual being. Part of the religious philosophy of Scientology is that one cannot survive on his or her own. Scientologists have a religious commitment to helping take responsibility for their fellow-man, families and the environment. The Church of Scientology and individual Scientology’s are active in humanitarian initiatives and social betterment activities in the fields of drug-abuse prevention, human rights, education, criminal reform and disaster relief. I would suggest starting at the church’s website at

Yes, let’s take a look. And then OH NO! Why did I do that? On the very first page there is a video entitled: “The Age of Answers” in which they show people participating in high level science and mathematics. Then comes a picture of the e-meter and a voice telling us that this is where the predictability of science and religion come together. And holy hell, is this for reals?

Yours for only thousands and thousands of dollars.
Yours for only thousands and thousands of dollars.

And no, Ms. Stanard it’s not because yours is a newer religion or not well-known. It’s very well-known. In fact it’s well-known because there are endless stories of people who have escaped your cult and have shared their stories with the world. Including the niece of the current head of Scientology. Who, through her own book and website, has given us a crystal clear picture of what it was like to grow up within the barbed wired fences of Scientology. And I don’t think we need to mention the movie Going Clear again. But we will anyway. We are not afraid of Narconon and Scientology because we are misinformed, it is because we are all too well-informed.

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