Kirby must recuse!

Our esteemed Councilman #KirbyDelauter has his panties in a bunch lately. Not only has he had to mark up Jan’s budget with a red pen, while having flashbacks to his own marked up papers in his high school English class, he’s had some really deep thoughts on public education . Here’s a photo he recently shared with some enlightening remarks from his hero Harry Browne:


Too bad someone T Owings Mills didn't say why not with this pose.
Too bad someone at Olin Mills didn’t say why not with this pose.

Privatize public education?! Sure! Because educating a human being from the age of 5 until they are 18 is exactly like buying a car or computer. Exactly!  What could go wrong?  From many analyses of privatized charter schools plenty.  But putting all that aside. Someone who has such disdain for the public school system SHOULD NOT be making decisions about how they operate.  So we are making a call for #KirbyDelauter to recuse himself from any and all decisions regarding the Frederick County Public School system. Someone who so obviously  would like to see public schools dismantled has no business deciding their budget.

Makes us long for a particular thoughtful politician of yesteryear:

#Ben Franklin
#Ben Franklin

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