Who’s on first?


Based on online comments about last night’s Board of Education meeting, your Yokels missed what sounds like a bonkers meeting. We should expect more professionalism from our elected officials.

At a previous meeting, the Board deferred to Superintendent Alban as the decision maker regarding students returning to school. Last night that arbitrarily changed as they voted to have elementary students return to 4 days per week in person and reduced the safe distance from 6 feet to 3 feet beginning May 1st, which should be noted is a Saturday. Monday May 3rd is Teacher Appreciation Day. Yea, teachers!

In a nutshell, the Board has given administrators, teachers, staff, and transportation 2 weeks to figure out all the changes needed to make this work in order to give some elementary students what boils down to 12 additional in person days this year. Is it really worth it? We aren’t even sure some board members understand their role. The Board is not supposed to make changes that go against the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The Board might want to invite an attorney to meetings going forward. It could save them from making ill advised and potentially illegal decisions.

Four board members voted in favor of this change. Brad Young, who most likely has aspirations for another elected office in the future. Sue, if you don’t vote for this, I’m putting my kid in private school Johnson. And, yes, she really said that at the meeting, as if threats are an acceptable way to sway votes. Honestly Sue, put your kid in private school if you feel that strongly about this. No one cares. People care that you are making decisions based on data, logic and honoring the MOU. Elizabeth Barrett who has been on the Board long enough to know a vote that violates the MOU is a problem was the 3rd vote. David Bass was the final vote.

We all want kids back in school, but this school year is almost over. Teachers have been asked over and over to change, do more and change again. This change means some students will be changing teachers yet again. Why not focus on getting ready for fall? If this was really what the Board wanted, they should have planned for the students to go to 4 days starting with the beginning of the fourth term that started on April 13th. Oh, that’s not realistic? Planning takes effort. Not haphazard motions.

Please let next year be better.

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