Hogan procures 500,000 tests from South Korea; Dan Cox pens useless letters

Hey, what’s a good way to get back to normal? Is it…fondling Alex Jones in public? No, it is not! Although that sad but true event didn’t happen in Maryland, you may have learned that these people who think the rest of us are blind followers of public health measures are themselves having their strings pulled by the alt-right and their big business financiers. Not a lot of critical thinking going on there, yahoos!

A better way to help ensure we can get back to normal life is to understand who is infected with this disease so they can be strictly quarantined, and the rest of us can be more safely distanced from them while being more actively engaged in society. It would also be helpful to know who has been infected, but hey, baby steps. We are only a few months into this, and we had…just…some months of time to observe that bad stuff was happening in a westward moving wave from Asia to Europe to “it’s all under control/the heat kills it/you just go to work and get well.”

It’s hard not to notice the glaring difference between The Helpers and The Utterly Useless, or the Actively Destructive. In fact, lets downgrade people who encourage public protests that block up traffic and prevent people from taking care of essential business such as saving lives, selling food, and delivering necessities from the “useless” to the “destructive” column.

Today’s award-winning helper, who also deserves an Emmy for his press conference production style today: GOVERNOR LARRY HOGAN. Credit should be shared with his wife, the First Lady of Maryland, Yumi Hogan. She helped to negotiate the purchase and delivery of 500,000 tests from South Korea. They intend to keep the details of this delivery on the down low because President-Bigly-Dealmaker-who-couldn’t-be-bothered’s administration has been causing problems for the states, while using taxpayer dollars to offset businesses’ shipping charges while encouraging bidding wars among the states so that the businesses increase their profit margins even more. Just look at what happened in Illinois, racing to a McDonald’s parking lot to hand off a check to make the purchase of personal protective equipment. All of which is dangerous to our front line healthcare workers. Like Cox spending his time writing petulant letters, Orange hAirhorn spends all of his time having petulant press briefings.

Here is an image of Gov. Hogan giving a press conference about “Operation Enduring Friendship” in front of the South Korean flag today. We know the miscreant faction will have a big problem with this, and maybe it’s a little weird…BUT SO IS THE FACT THAT OUR STATE HAS TO HIDE NECESSITIES SO THAT TRUMP’S PEOPLE DON’T STEAL THEM. They refuse to help, but they are happy to be hurtful! This country, man.

We couldn’t help but interpret the appearance of this flag as not just a gracious thank you to South Korea, but a slight to our useless government. How sad is it that we have to do rely on our state building its own alliance with a foreign power (the president of which referred to Hogan as a “son-in-law”).

And while we are on the subject of South Korea, the United States of America identified their first cases of COVID-19 infection on the same day as South Korea. The results of having a competent and prepared government versus what we have, which is a raging dumpster fire–how stark and appalling. And it appears to be much better for both human health and the economy. So maybe Hogan is right and Cox should put down his pen and take up a hobby. Maybe learn a second language. May we suggest that fluency in Korean would be an asset?

Look at this headline: South Korea has brought its reported spread of coronavirus infections to single digits per day. And we have let our country turn into this hot mess.


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