We don’t know how to react to all this niceness!

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We are going to need an adjustment period!

We want a functional county council, really we do. Now that it seems that we have one, we don’t know how to behave!!!! There was no outrage to be had, no cursing at the screens, no sarcastic comments to make! It really shines a light on just how bad things were with Billy, Kirby, and Tony on the dais.

Here’s a list of what happened:

-M.C. is unanimously voted President of the County Council.

-Mike Blue is unanimously voted Vice President.

-Rick Harcum does a quick Budget 101 run-down. All budget adjustments are UNANIMOUSLY VOTED FOR. M.C. repeats this various times during the meeting tonight, as though she couldn’t quite believe it either! We are assuming Rick was relieved not to need to give remedial and redundant explanations.

-Meetings will now start at 5:30 instead of 4:30. Public hearings will still be held at 7:00.

-The council is informed of the various committees and roles they will play. Committee assignments will be chosen at the next meeting.

Council member comments also went well. Phil Dacey made a joke about not needing to really show up tonight due to the unanimous votes. Then, he said he wouldn’t be around for the next meeting. That may be one thing we need to keep our eye on! Phil has a history of missing many meetings during his time as an Frederick City Alderman.

We ended the meeting by enjoying a single glass of wine in celebration of having adults on the dais.


Try watching the next meeting!

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