Short and Sweet! The first half of your February 28th meeting was neat!

No Billy…again! Probably not the greatest idea for him to start skipping out on meetings when he’s trying to convince us all that he deserves higher office. But hey, who are we to complain about not having to put up with him?!

The only public commenter is Melanie Cox, speaking on behalf of the League of Women Voters. She’s here to promote the suffragist march that is happening this weekend. Bud remarks that he cannot imagine women not having the right to vote, and we cannot believe it took as long as it did!  Just a short 100 years ago postcards such like this were still making the rounds:

How tragic that a father actually has to help out with the care of HIS very own child!

Since Billy is gone the agenda and minutes get passed with NO PROBLEMO!

Next is a vote on the compromised Forest Resource Ordinance bill. Jessica speaks to the beauty of compromise and then M.C. commends both Jessica and Tony for working together, even though she would have liked to see the one to one tree replacement. But, hey that’s what compromise is, not everyone gets what they want all the time. Kirby then chimes in that he has a different take. He starts talking about DRRAs and everyone is all WTH is going on here!? M.C. reminds him that we are talking about the Forest Ordinance bill and he quickly responds with a:

Pay attention Mr. Wannabe County Executive!

Bud then pulls the bill on the DRRAs because of the concerns that the county attorney brought up last night! So,  that different take from Kirby will have to wait! At 7:00 everyone returns for the Land Grab Monocacy River Board hearing. We’ll let you know how that all plays out!

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet! The first half of your February 28th meeting was neat!

  1. I seem to recall Delauter chastising the lawyer for RALE for speaking onthe wrong topic; and how RALE deserves “better representation”.

    Happens to everyone, Kirby. Although it still remains that the good residents of D-5 deserve better representation on the council.


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