Take your pick. You may need more than one drinking game tonight.

Not too much wine
Well, they are too happy. But you may need that glass!

The State of the Union Address is taking place tonight. Your Yokels do not plan to watch. We may check in with Wonkette. They always have something clever to say.

If your nerves can take watching it tonight there are several good drinking games out there for you to play. As always, make responsible decisions. If everyone plays along, emergency rooms will be over capacity. It’s almost time for a full super moon eclipse so let’s go easy on our healthcare professionals.

This one looks great. I don’t even think you actually have to be a lawyer to participate. Bonus points because they included the term hobgoblin.

Rolling Stone also has a great game. It includes options for everyone, even if you aren’t watching.

We also found this one from the Chicago Tribune. It’s good too!

So we are only giving you three choices. If you don’t like any of them, make up your own.

We’ll see you tomorrow. Make sure you have enough aspirin.


Oh God!
We warned you Huckleberry. Mind your consumption



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