What the High Sheriff failed to notice. 

Whoopsie Daisy!

We all knew that the big bad WEED was coming to Maryland. There were all kinds of hints. The General Assembly passed a bill allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, our very own county council also passed a bill, and there were signs all over TJ Drive advertising said dispensary  a few weeks back! You would really have to have had your head buried into the sand to see this wasn’t coming!

Which brings us to yesterday’s article in the Frederick News Post. Our very own 287g High Sheriff was “surprised” that Wellness Solutions has actually set up shop! In his very own back yard! Now the whole county is going to be running around like a character from Reefer Madness, right?  To stop the spread of this very real evil, the sheriff decides to make his very own field trip to the devil’s den to see the debauchery with his own eyes.

You see, the High Sheriff has spent his career going after the pot heads, and now that people are finally accepting that this villianization of marijuana may have actually hurt people who have been cut off from a drug that has been shown to ease seizures in epileptics and relieve pain in cancer patients,people’s opinions are changing.  Wellness Solutions, much like a traditional pharmacy, is dispensing small amounts of cannabis for medical conditions diagnosed by a doctor. They are not flinging joints out to every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks through their door. Here’s a great article on how marijuana came to be the boogey man that our sheriff identifies it as today. ( Spoiler alert: Nixon is a maniac!)

One good take from the article is that the sheriff seems to feel a little better about the whole thing. So hopefully, he won’t station his deputies out in the parking lot and will allow these people to get the relief they deserve. For we have an actual drug problem in this county that has nothing to do with small amounts of marijuana.

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