FCPS breach is serious business people.


On December 13, The Frederick Extra broke the story about a data breach at FCPS that left  1,000 former students’ identities compromised. Since then, the Extra has written two additional stories that you can read here and here. FCPS has responded by offering those affected a one year subscription to an identity protection service. You can read the official statement from FCPS here and watch the video from BOE President Young and Superintendent Alban here.

It’s disheartening that we now live in a world in which we have to be super vigilant with our data. At this moment, one of Your Lady Yokels currently has a LifeLock subscription due to Target’s data breach. What is also disheartening is when people with a clear vendetta against the school system, the BOE and the superintendent use this as yet another opportunity to go on one of their numerous FCPS witch hunts. How is this at all helpful people? Especially when this data breach occurred before many of the people who are being vilified even worked for FCPS.  Calling for people’s resignations is at the least premature and at most wildy irresponsible. Let the information roll in before passing judgment! When you are so reactionary it only serves to reveal your own prejudices and motives. Honestly folks, even our own King of Overreactions is looking at the facts:


That is not to say that if your data was stolen that you shouldn’t be angry and want to get to the bottom of what happened.  And lets let the Frederick Extra, The Frederick News Post and FCPS do just that. If you do feel your data was compromised please email or call the school system at: infosec@fcps.org or 301-644-5332. Steer away from the random people on Facebook who some how got a hold of this list.

5 thoughts on “FCPS breach is serious business people.

  1. As a fiscal conservative but also the product of two (2) Frederick County School teachers (one of whom was FCTA president back in the tumultuous 60s, and the BOCC liaison to the BOE/FCPS during my first term, I am somewhat familiar with how the latter bureaucracy operates from the perspective of both the right and the left. Yes, the BOE/FCPS is a frequent target for unfair criticism from my side but the BOE/FCPS is a textbook example of an entity not accountable to anyone. Some criticism is justified, most significantly its $570 million (and growing) unfunded liability for retiree health care costs (what sank General Motors and Detroit) as of July 1, 2015. I didn’t make the number up. See: http://www.fcps.org/fiscal/documents/FCPSFY16CAFR.pdf, page 60. I acknowledge that a phone booth (if any left there be) would have sufficient room to house a discussion of the issue attended by those who share my concerns.


    1. We don’t doubt your concerns. And if, after the proper investigating takes place, FCPS was found not to have acted improperly then they deserve to be held accountable. However, there are those who seem to want to burn everything to the ground before the whole story is in.


      1. The BOE/FCPS won’t be held accountable on the unfunded health care liabilities, for the following reasons:

        1. The most vociferous opponent of setting aside more funds to cover the liability was the FCTA. You would think they would lead the charge for proper funding. However, the FCTA leadership, most of whom are at or nearing retirement, know they won’t bear any of the brunt. It will be those who retire in the future who will experience benefit cuts. substantial increases in employee contributions, or likely both.

        2. There is no traction at all on this issue from the general public. I’ll admit it is a bit difficult to comprehend. Those who can get there point across in the shortest amount of time usually with the debate. A 5-minute explanation of the problem will lose against a “Why worry about it now!” reply.

        3. Those few on the right who are aware of the issue won’t accept any solution that doesn’t involve the complete elimination of retiree health care benefits.

        4. Those few on the left who are aware of the issue won’t accept any solution that involves any reduction in benefits.

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      2. Adequate funding of long-term retiree health care benefits and pension obligations, like the Kobayashi Maru, are tests of character. Very few can pass.


      3. I suppose it doesn’t help things when the school systems isn’t properly funded either. You make some very good points about this issue, especially how the left and right view it. It won’t come to the forefront until it’s probably too late to do anything about it.


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