#kirbydelauter made our lives easier today! Who would have thunk it?

Hey there! We wanted to talk to y’all about the deal to bring Citizens and Montevue back into the county’s care and yesterday’s BoE meeting. As we were sitting here at the old Yokel headquarters we came across this:


This gives us a nice little outline to work with.

Let’s start with Mr. Delauter’s first claim that there are 4 Democrats on the council. Well, there were 4 Republicans until he, Billy, and their vitriolic minions tore Bud apart at every opportunity. Today, Mr. Otis, changed his voter registration to unaffiliated. Congratulations, Mr. Otis, they don’t deserve you. Let them wallow in their Trumps and Shrelauters. (Note to Kirby, if you want to win a county wide election you better tone down your rhetoric about us Dems, because no way no how are you winning outside your little district talking that kind of smack.)

Fleeced developers for school construction? Oh pleeaase!!! Just because your “secret developer back door privatization idea” didn’t take off doesn’t mean anyone was fleeced. Stop making claims you can’t back up!

Now this claim that Jan gave money to the BoE that they didn’t want?!?! We read the same FNP article and don’t see anything of the sort anywhere in there!!!!! In fact in the sideline we read this:

Yeah, looks like they want to turn the cash away.
Yeah, looks like they want to turn the cash away.

Looks as though Kirby’s dead horse argument about Jerry and Jessica voting for their pay raises didn’t pan out.

Yesterday we got the news many of us have been waiting for. The county and Aurora have finally come to an agreement. Kirby doesn’t want  to recognize the facts associated with this move. First of all, an overwhelming number of county residents didn’t want this to happen. Secondly, the BOCC did not give the homes enough time to make money after the new facility was built. We’ll let Jan’s power point from yesterday illustrate some of these points.

image image image image

The county is predicting a $2.5 million profit in the next year. So what will the rhetoric be then Mr. Delauter?


Maybe we have a different definition of the word.
Maybe we have a different definition of the word.

The only train wreck we’ve seen lately are Kirby and Billy’s posts plus what this Facebook page reports to us:

A total disaster!
A total disaster!

Now for the last line:” When I run for County Executive in 2 years, this will be too easy.”



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