Run Crookshanks!
Run Crookshanks!

The rapid succession of meetings and workshops are really testing our drinking game skills. Thankfully, this meeting is rather short and sweet.  But we will not be surprised if Tony pulls something like this before the night is over:

I do not like fees. No siree. I will not let this be. Don't y'all see? All the developers love me!
I do not like fees.
No siree.
I will not let this be.
Don’t y’all see?
All the developers love me!

Grab your agenda and follow along!

Budget transfers, consent agendas, only one fool disagrees. Mix yourself a pitcher of Sangria to take the edge off.

Second reading of the bill to make revisions to Public School and Library Development Impact Fees and Annual Adjustments . We’ve heard a lot of words out of Tony’s mouth over this and how it’s a very bad, evil proposition. Hell, it even started the case of the mysterious developer! If Tony’s rant lasts longer than 30 minutes slam back a Red Hot Explosion…or two!

Next up is another second reading. A related topic:  Revisions to APFO School Construction Fees and Annual Adjustments. If Kirby tells some cockamamie story about Jan putting a gun to developer’s heads to make them pay up (yes that’s a thing that happened) chug your Raspberry Bulldozer.

Now you’re off the hook until April 5th!