Three strikes and you’re out! Your third drinking game of the month!



If the county council keeps this pace we may need to hire some interns at your faithful Yokel. It’s only the 19th and this is the third meeting we’ve had to monitor. Here’s your agenda, so follow along. (*start time for this evening’s meeting has been changed to 6:00) But please take it easy. There’s still 11 months left in the year. You need your liver for all of ’em.

After approving a single budget transfer, it’s time to get educated on the new voting system and laws. Now anyone who knows this council can attest to the likelihood that there’s going to be some talk on voting I.D. and how the voter fraud in this country is out of control. Of course it’s not, so to calm your nerves slam back an American Spirit. Since we know you believe in this country as much as we do.

Zeus have mercy–impact and school construction fees are coming up! Let the fun begin! Most of us know that if we need more schools it’s going to cost money, right? And it’s going to have to be paid by someone, and does it not make sense that someone should be the people building such houses and requiring more schools? But sense does not always trickle its way up to the dais. And two bills introduced by Bud Otis on behalf of the County Executive? Whoo-eee boy. Might check up on the County Council Watch Facebook “community” for a real show. Make sure your rabies shots are up to date. And, when all the Adequate Public Facilities derision begins, mix up some Divine Wind in the hopes that maybe logic will blow around to the four corners of the earth!


During the closed door break, make sure you take the time to hydrate or perhaps even take a nap.

Public Hearing!!!! Frederick Crossing MXD!!! This is to rezone a parcel of land on the corner of 355 and 85 into a more commercial zone so Ourisman Chevy can put a dealership there. Not sure how this is going to play out. Sometimes those who claim to be pro-business all of the sudden cease to be so when bills are put forth by those they don’t like. So we will leave this part up to you. Shots, pitchers of margaritas or face plants into your couch pillows! We trust you to make the best choice. We will be drinking pitchers of sidecars. Feel free to join us.


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