Happy New Year and we’re sorry! But remember not to kill the messenger!


As you wake up on this fine New Years’ morning with your eyes still unable to focus  from the spirits you consumed last night, you may first think that this piece of news is your brain playing tricks on you. We know that we did, but no. According to the Political Notes section of today’s FNP, Billy Shreve has been elected as chairman of the local Republican Central Committee. And it seems things are not so hunky dory:

Former Chairwoman JoeyLynn Hough was replaced by new Chairman Billy Shreve in a 5-4 vote.

“Every year, there’s an election. There’s winners and losers. And, unfortunately, this time, I was the loser,” Hough said. “He won, and I lost.”

Shreve did not return calls about the new position, but Hough spoke briefly of her tenure as chairwoman.

“I believe that I’ve done an excellent job as the chair for the central committee for the year I was there,” she said, citing her fundraising efforts.

In our conversation, Hough made reference to her friendship with Shreve. I asked whether that friendship was in the past or present tense.

“We’re on the committee together, so I’m going to continue to do the best I can to make Frederick County successful, and to make it red,” Hough responded.

She will continue to serve on the committee through 2018, the next time all of the committee seats are up for election.

Watch out Frederick the Red Scare is coming! And from the beginning of this article it looks as though we are going to have to start paying some attention to Vogt. Does it ever end?

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