New month, new drinking game! Neckties, ethics and water buffers…what could go wrong?


This is one of the spicier agendas we’ve seen in awhile. Grab it here, watch it here and remember no calling county council members for rides.

We have no idea on Aphrodite’s green earth what this means, however, the Frederick Necktie club is having a 20th anniversary recognition. So, in honor of whatever this is, slam back a Colombian Necktie in their honor.

Budget transfers are up first. We know the Sheriff’s office will get no lip. And we are certain the same courtesy will not be applied to the Department of Aging, Solid Waste Management and School Construction line items. Therefore, when some ideological nonsense is spewed slam back a Mad Dog.

If known Democrat Jerry Donald is allowed to protect the water bodies, Billy may wonder how will we get our canyon? If this becomes somehow controversial, chug a San Pellegrino and chant the following tongue twister through a prolonged belch: protect our water bodies with a water body buffer! It’ll help you stay hydrated if this meeting gets nutty.

Next up, the juicy stuff. Ethics. If rumored Democrat (but actual Republican) Bud Otis does anything to earn the ire of the three amigos of developers, have a shot of Cuervo…then shoot out the lights.


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