Your Tweedledee and Tweedledum letters to the editor edition!


Poor C. Paul Smith.  It must be so hard for him to be out of the loop. Today he wrote a letter to the editor complaining about Jan’s threat to use eminent domain and how he shockingly believes the county shouldn’t be in the nursing home business.  And oh how embarrassing for his rantings to be 48 hours on this side of irrelevant. So please Mr. Smith, find a new hobby. You are not good at this! Now on to Tweedledum.

Now this LTE from Billy looks awfully familiar.

I guess the 4 comments he received on Facebook wasn't adequate.
I guess the 4 comments he received on Facebook weren’t adequate.

Step One: Whines about big old meanie Jan taking down the signs that he and his BOCC cohorts put up at the borders. Signs that the State Highway administration, in another one of their famous partisan attacks, made them take down years ago. How much did these metal pieces of propaganda cost us anyway?

Step Two: Jan is going to go around the county seizing businesses left and right. No industry is safe. Because everything that happened with Aurora is indicative of what could happen everywhere else. So hot dog stands, Fireball salesmen and ski resorts better take heed. Jan is coming for thy livelihoods.

Step Three: Billy only likes tax credits for businesses when Blaine comes up with them. Despite being told at the meeting where they discussed this credit that separate programs exist to help small businesses,he still chooses to leave that fact out. And Billy really hates paying people a living wage. It’s a theme that keeps coming up with him.

Now the steps are done, but the complaining is NOT. He wants to be able to berate county staff directly. And how in Poseidon’s blue ocean can he do that if 5 sets of hands have to “touch an email” before his rant gets passed on? Then grrrr, let’s complain about the “rain tax” (Stormwater and Sewer management thank you very much). Let’s be like Virginia and wait 20 years until raw sewage is floating in our water supply before we do anything about it. Because business. Maybe Billy should call one of the Downtown businesses that experienced flood damage two weeks ago. If business complains, then will he listen?

And finally, someone is calling Billy again. And he’s actually encouraging people to call him by putting his phone number on his Facebook page. So if you have something you would like to say have at it.

And please oh please, FNP commenters, do your job today!


One thought on “Your Tweedledee and Tweedledum letters to the editor edition!

  1. There is no way he wrote that letter all by himself. He had help. The way he speaks at the Council meetings, like he has an 8th grade education max, no way he is capable of penning a letter that complicated all by way. Also does the Local Yokel have a clue, any inkling what Billy actually does for a living?


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