Humble apology

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.51.47 AM

Folks, we linked to a story that may not have been entirely true (and if that is the case, that’s good news for Walkersville). We of the Local Yokel are not reporters, not staffed to do all our own fact checking, and quite honestly do not wish to be in the reporting business ourselves.

One of our main objectives is to call attention to things, sometimes a bit obnoxiously, in order to drive traffic to local news sources so that our readers will be better informed. In order for this to work in our favor, we have to be able to rely on our news sources. We would not intentionally misrepresent anyone’s character or community, and do not wish to propagate inaccurate information. Ever.

To get Rev. Philip Curran’s perspective on the matter at hand, please see the Frederick News Post’s article. Our post linking to the story has been removed from the fredericklocalyokel blog site and our social media pages.

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