September 1st drinking game-MTC edition

I thought Tony said there was only traffic in the morning!
I thought Tony said there was only traffic in the morning!

Here we are folks! September 1st was the deadline the council gave for the decision about the controversial MTC (Monrovia Town Center, if you’re under a rock somewhere).  Watch it live here at 4:30. The agenda, if you dare.

Tony wanted this nice and tucked away weeks ago, however more intelligent heads prevailed and they were given some time to actually read and think about this decision. As always this game is for entertainment purposes only. And if Billy gets one call about any drunken behavior you will have to deal with us!

If anyone dares snicker at recognizing the Frederick Knucklers, kick back a knuckle sandwich.

Seven budget transfers are on the agenda. For every one that Billy abstains on, bottoms up to your pain in the ass. Because that’s the nicest thing we can think to call him this week.

If this MTC thing follows the recent pattern, meaning Bud and the Democrats on the council align again, shotgun a Mama’s Little Yella Pils in honor of those who oughta get some (and who will surely freak out for partisan reasons, probably during the comment part).  If Bud decides the letter did not taint the whole completely tainted thing, go ahead with the Mama’s Little Yella Pils. WE, the common men and women of  Frederick County, will need it. If the decision is a mixed bag of nuts, Yella Pils: lather, rinse, repeat.

There are numerous people who have been working, studying, meeting, talking and searching for a way to make sure the right thing happens for the people who live in the Chmelik district. Hopefully they have been saving something to toast a special occasion and will get the chance to do so.

To Consider Bill No. 15-09 – To Establish a Commercial and Industrial Business Tax Credit (Public Hearing held on 8/18/15) – Council President Bud Otis (on behalf of County Executive Jan Gardner)
(Council Decision)

At this point if the Democrats decide in a bloc to kill this bill and move toward a fairy-tale-party-purity-kill-private-enterprise and implement communism scheme (Comrades!), drink a whole bottle of Jim Beam. Oh, that’s a straw man position, isn’t it…guessing we aren’t going to die tonight after all.

Public comments. What will happen? In our anecdotally based, not-at-all-scientific estimation, 99% of Frederick who does not own a construction business is interested in seeing this Monrovia project die. The 1% comprising the Loose Cannon Fan Club will have 99% of the stuff to say if they don’t get their way.  Or even if they do. At which point, take shots of whatever is available. Diplomatic conduct is not in their bag of tricks (see Frederick County Council Watch Facebook Page for evidence).


Drink, drank, drunnnnnnk.

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