Mary, Mary quite contrary


Our “favorite” public commenter Mary was back this evening! Last time she treated us to a presentation as to how Bud is a traitor and not worried about his legacy at all!! You really should see it for yourself at the FCGTV archives because WHOA NELLY this woman.  First of all she treats us to a really sarcastic comment about the repeal of the English only ordinance and Kirby’s law. But it fell on deaf ears because it did not make any sense at all. But then she decides that it is her place to tell Jessica and M.C. how they should conduct themselves. First of all Jessica: Don’t have an opinion and stop saying “You guys.” I mean, how ruuuuude. And M.C. this whispering, you really better watch that! And then so cleverly she refers to the Democrats as comrades, because hey we all know the truth! You bunch of communists. And then here’s the zinger: Have fun at your little get together on the 29th so you can further the FCTA’s agenda. Sounds like someone probably has one of these at home:



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