Our hope died a long time ago.
Our hope died a long time ago.

Tonight’s the night! On the agenda: the vote on the repeal over whether or not our county will get with the times or continue down the redneck spiral of shame. Watch here to keep up! And, as always, this game is for entertainment purposes only. If you follow it tonight you will most likely die!

Let’s start with Billy’s habit of muttering to the flag. If he does so, and we know he will, slam back an American Slushie.

Budget Transfers in the house!!! There are 14 of them so we suggest picking every other one, or every third one. Whenever Billy abstains (sometimes he says no, just sometimes) shoot back a Brain Eraser.

Approval of Minutes. At this time you need a break. So when Billy decides not to approve the minutes just point your favorite finger towards the screen.

Confirmation of County Executive appointments. Since we have the utmost faith in the people she puts forth, toast each appointment with a very sophisticated Cosmopolitan.

If (when?) Billy renders Roger Wilson speechless with one of his inquiries take a sip of your Public Servant. We are really starting to feel sorry for these people.

Getting to the big drama. We will have to steer clear of hard liquor on these issues, in the interest of everyone’s health. If the English Only nonsense is repealed, toss back a Corona. If it remains on the books, suffer through a Crown Lager.

Henceforth we shall refer to the purchasing legislation as “Kirby’s Law”–if it passes, crack open a Jailhouse Ditch Digger.