Guess who is taking a day off from being a fiscal conservative?

We here at the Local Yokel get a lot of helpful tidbits from Jen Fifield’s Political Notes column, and today was no exception. However, after reading today’s column in the paper edition I was not able to find the link for our faithful readers. So until that issue is addressed here’s a screenshot:

Does he now?
Does he now?

Today’s tidbit is that Billy prefers a Mac to the ultra books every other council person was offered. There was a nice price breakdown in the article. The two Mac Books (we are not sure whom is the recipient of the second one) plus all the accessories, the warranty, the telephone support and Microsoft Office came to the nice little sum of $6,724.99.  The ultra book cost is $1,477.10 and the desktop computer that both Shreve and Delauter rejected (they were placed elsewhere), totaled $700. That’s $2,177.10 that should have been spent. But good ole Shreve needed something special (surprise) and raised the cost by $4,547.89!

So Billy, and whomever else received the second Mac Book, cost the county an additional $4,547.89. And normally such a thing would not even bother us.  We know that good technology costs money. And we are all for our county officials having the proper tools to do the job. The problem is with Billy. He balks at recycling requirements, wants in county residents to pay the out-of-state rate at FCC, and is on some abstention mission from Zeus on every single budget issue. But when it comes to him getting the computer of his choice, well that’s all right then. Good Poseidon, Billy, could you at least have some consistency in your belief system?

Better call tech support!
Better call tech support!

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