The Sky Is Falling!!!!

The new county budget will spell doom for each and every one of us!
The new county budget will spell doom for each and every one of us!

I know our readers may not believe this but Blaine Young is like a father to us. It’s true! After writing his “Work together or nothing will get accomplished” LTE we were motivated to create this little blog. So for that we will be eternally grateful.

But now we are confused. Because in said LTE we were told:

I have moved on in my life. I wish her the best of luck, as it is very tough trying to keep everyone happy while trying to keep your campaign promises.

But today on his politician Facebook page we see this:


We are sure he really, really hates that he had to tell us so. But this ,and last week’s appearance on the Bob Miller morning show, does not seem as though someone is moving on with his life. We cannot help but remark upon the fact that he seems to be creating hysteria where none really exists. This budget reflects a change that quite frankly many people wanted to see. Enough people, at least, who decided that they would like to see Jan at the helm rather than he. So while Blaine may want us to believe that he’s out, he really still believes that he’s the only one that can keep the sky from crashing down upon us.

Come on sky! I'll catch ya!
Come on sky! I’ll catch ya!

Luckily the rest of us weren’t as delusional.

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