Sour grapes?

This is how not to be civil.

The County Council voted to adopt a Code of Civility. This code, introduced by Jessica Fitzwater, will set a historical precedence for the expected conduct of council members and citizens coming before the council.

Respect is important and should define political actions. There should be no name calling and everyone should remember that body language counts as communication. Listen to all comments. Hearing all sides of an issue could change your opinion. Make sure if you state something as fact, that it is actually a verifiable fact and not opinion.

This sounds like common sense to us. Six council members voted Aye to adopt this. Councilman Shreve could only wonder why he wasn’t allowed to get time with staff to discuss the budget, yet Ms. Fitzwater (“I’m sure you didn’t draft this yourself”) could introduce this new legislation. He abstained from voting and asked how the code would be enforced and what penalties would there be for not complying. We can only surmise that he does not plan to play nicely in the sandbox. Gosh darn it. The budget is still an important issue and why can’t I just continue to have a tantrum since I didn’t follow proper procedure? It surely is someone else’s fault, and I’m not going to be civil about it.

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