You simply must try this Shreve Afzali derptastic cocktail

The Frederick Extra’s gossip column, Extra Buzz, is infused with weapons grade WTF today. Why not just share the link? Well, the Facebook algorithm makes it so that you are more likely to see this post, so we are making a quick shooter. Please visit the Extra page for the real deal.

Afzali is still running her obviously verboten fundraiser for a campaign she apparently may or may not be running.

More ridiculously, there’s a story about Afzali spreading notes around the Delegates building in her quest to best Kirby. Del. Afzali, you are too old for this nonsense. Irrefutable proof: making paper notes to promote an online poll!

Oh, that was funny, Frederick Extra. We ❤ U!

.And there’s a nugget of “whut? whyyyyyyy?” tainting the city with the dumb aroma of Billy Shreve thanks his role in the Republican Central Committee. Our readers will not want to miss it.

Get those kernels popping! Kirby and Kathy are already at each other’s throats!


Your Lady Yokels have been enthralled by the drama unfolding this evening. It all started when Frederick County Fact Check pointed us in the direction of Kathy Afzali’s post:

We are a little alarmed that we finally agree with Delegate Afzali on something! You see, Kirby did some kind of push poll that got Kathy all in a tizzy. So much so that she had to bring  Hillary Clinton into the mix! Former county commissioner and Kirby cheerleader,  Blaine Young, was not going to sit by and let Kathy rip Kirby apart like this!


Holy Crap! Did Kathy really go to Kirby’s house and offer him a job?! It’s a little premature for that, isn’t it? We also have to note that Blaine must be some kind of elitist. How else would you explain his praise for Kirby rejecting county health insurance and a pension? For it seems as though he believes that only the wealthy should be allowed to serve in public office.

We thought it was over and then we saw this sponsored post in our feed!

The way these people throw around the word liberal!!! It’s really something! Buckle up folks we are in for a bumpy ride!


A kinder, gentler #kirbydelauter? Naw, the world hasn’t gone quite that crazy.

Has # abandoned Trump for a new hero?

We are sure you’ve heard that Kirby wants Jan’s job. He’s oh so sure he could do better than she. However, considering the fact that he’s never submitted legislation during his time on the council, that he was Blaine’s lap dog during his tenure on the BOCC, and that he constructed the most indecipherable flowchart in the history of forever, we are just a tad bit skeptical. It appears that many others are as well. Check out the comment section on the FNP article about his announcement. Where’s the love folks?!

Kirby released this statement to both the paper and the Facebook world:

2017-05-14 (3).png

2017-05-14 (2)

We’ve been following our dear friend Kirby for a number of years now, and we can tell you with 100% certainty this ain’t his style! Especially the last paragraph in which he sings the praises  of the talented and educated people of Frederick County!!  And let’s not jump ahead of ourselves with that future County Executive nonsense!  There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Need some proof that Kirby, in an attempt to turn a kinder, gentler leaf, now has a ghost writer? Scroll away!



Oh you complete bumbling fool. This was not your shining moment, just like your idiot president.

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Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.50.59 PM


Who is acting like the Pharaoh of Frederick County now?


BFFs raring to go for the Trump rally! Ain’t they cute?

2016-04-24 (2)

Now that is the # we all know and…well…tolerate!!! Please, don’t try and repackage yourself Kirby, we all have your number already!