Are your crystal balls getting this?

    Your Yokels have mentioned that good ole Hashtag is planning to run for County Executive in 2018. But hold onto your hats, because rumors are swirling that local disgraced (yes, disgraced!) former BOCC President Blaine Young is planning to run for the Council seat for District 5. We know you all remember this […]

Hey Carroll County, wanna make a deal?

Hey Carroll County neighbors! How ya doing on this crisp Fall morning? Many of us over here in Frederick have a proposition for you. How about a little land deal, specifically the section of Union Bridge that FORMER BOCC President Blaine Young now occupies? Please take this proposal under serious consideration, we’ll let it go for […]

FACT letter debacle, part 2

Your faithful local correspondent came to this party late, busting in at the “Tony Chmelik channeling Nancy Grace” point in the affair. He read aloud from the court transcript where it was decided to remand the matter back to the council. If you’re lost, the matter is to determine if the FACT (Frederick Area Committee for […]

Mad Props to David Gray

Last night’s county council meeting considered the influence of the infamous FACT Letter on the Monrovia Town Center development and zoning. A lot of people came to speak. Almost all of the speakers who do not stand to profit from the development are varying degrees of furious. The council will set a course of action on next Tuesday, […]