Your Yokel Blaine Update!

Wowza! These past couple of days have been busy, busy, busy. We here at the Yokel keep asking one another, “Can you believe it?” To which the reply is always, “Well, yeah.” Let’s catch up. After last night’s revelation that Blaine was charged with 4 counts of prostitution, he posts this on Facebook: Later in […]

Local Yokels examine qualifications for YUGER and #MAGA things

After we’ve been honing our skills covering the nutty as¬†fruitcake shenanigans of our local dingdongs, most particularly Shrelauter and their cuckoo cruise director (that would be former Commissioner and one time¬†pseudogubernatorial candidate Blaine Young, in case you’re new around here), your locals are beginning to wonder if we could not be of better service to […]