Billy Shreve Biography

  Billy Shreve is a tried and true local yokel, a self described “product” of local schools, phrasing that appears to be an effort to obscure the culminating pomp and circumstance (oh, what is the word for that? I forget). A fluffy fun bio approximately as near to the length of The Epic of Gilgamesh […]

#Neverforget, #NeverSenatorShreve

We saw this article and guess what? A study has found that one fifth of human trafficking victims are homeless youth. Please read the article, and remember that our very own Billy Shreve once said there are people for human trafficking as if both sides was a valid arguement. If you don’t remember, it is a […]

Ruh-roh! Billy is going to have to unblock us!

Billy has a couple of pages, his personal one, in which he’s free to friend or unfriend as he pleases.  And a “professional” page entitled “Councilman Billy Shreve” which now falls under a totally different set of rules. Today, a federal court decided that public officials cannot block social media users because of their criticism. […]

Senator Billy? BAAHAAAHAAA!

Rumors have been swirling for months that this would happen: Billy has announced his bid for Maryland State Senator! And LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Who told him that was a good idea? He couldn’t handle the responsibilities of a county council member, but he wants to go to Annapolis to show the whole state how truly incompetent he […]